Published Articles

In 2016 we’ve been lucky to write three articles for MidCentury Magazine – two for online and one for print in Issue 10. Photos to come shortly.

MidCentury Magazine Issue #8 in print where we explored the endurance of mid-century colour and pattern:

Article MidCentury Magazine Issue 08Modernist Magazine Issue #17 in print and online where we explored Dunkirk and its modernist architecture:

FRAC article

The Simple Things Issue #41. This article was written by Frances Ambler and featured a project by us in an article exploring planned obsolescence and creative ideas of what to do with products at the end of their limited lifespan. Our project of a washing machine drum turned firepit was featured!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.18.09

Midcentury Magazine online review of ‘The Lego Architect’ book for No Starch Press.

Lego review