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In 2016 we’ve been lucky to write three articles for MidCentury Magazine – two for online and one for print in Issue 10. Photos to come shortly.

In 2015 we were lucky to be featured in a number of publications. This includes MidCentury Magazine Issue 08 in print where we explored the endurance of mid-century colour and pattern:

Article MidCentury Magazine Issue 08Modernist Magazine Issue #17 in print and online where we explored Dunkirk and its modernist architecture:

FRAC article

The Simple Things Issue 41. This article was written by Frances Ambler and featured a creative project by us in an article exploring what to do with products at the end of their limited lifespan. Essentially exploring the problem of planned obsolescence and how we can use some ingenuity to create a new lease of life! Our project of a washing machine turned firepit was featured!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.18.09

We wrote a piece for Midcentury Magazine online reviewing the eagerly anticipated ‘The Lego Architect’ book for No Starch Press.

Lego review



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