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Kidly | A Little Childhood Magic

We were invited to review some new Meri Meri items from Kidly this month. Kidly stock some really unusual and creative kids products; three tiered sandcastle buckets anyone?! We genuinely love ours! At the core of it is their ethos that ‘having kids is an extension to your lifestyle and identity, not the end to it’.



It can be tough wading through the sea of brightly coloured plastic noisy toys not to resent the fact your home has become a giant playpen but actually when you buy creative quirky toys in unusual hues you can strike a balance at least! Some of them you might even get quite fond of…

The products Kidly stock all have a design-led appeal. They love researching brands big and small from around the world and testing them out with parents before stocking them to check they’re worth their salt and we were thrilled to test out two products for them this week; the flamingo and party crown from Meri Meri. Our review will be on the website soon to see so we’ll link once it’s live.

Although Kidly source cool products to make kids and parents happy they also recognise ‘there are millions of young children, abroad & at home, that just don’t get the love & generosity they deserve’ which is why they donate 1% of revenue or 10% of profits (whichever is greater) to help children  get a little more of the childhood they deserve. Now that is pretty awesome.

The products we reviewed are fantastical, fun and playful. Childhood is about magic, memories and fun and these definitely fall into that category.


The flamingo is a whopping 75 cm tall, in knitted organic cotton. It has dangly knotted legs, neon accents and sparkly gold yarn detail. It’s a bit bonkers but a bit perfect! The kids loved carrying the flamingo around the house like a new pet, dangling the legs over window sills or hanging it upside-down by wrapping the legs together.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 14.36.35.png

The Meri Meri Party Crown is felt and imitative leather. One major issue i’ve had with the kids and dressing up is getting them to put anything on their head as they always find them itchy and annoying but this is super soft with an adjustable sparkling velcro fastening. They weren’t waiting to take it off immediately which was definitely a win.

Check out Kidly on Instagram for some serious kiddy inspiration or take a look at their ideas blog which currently includes 7 creative things to do this Easter. We are counting down the days to the holidays over here! Come on Spring!

Please note we were sent these items for purposes of review. We were not asked to write a blog post but wanted to share the items we reviewed as we loved the experience and wanted to big up Kidly for being a really hard-working brand bringing great design to family lives!







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