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Christmas 2017 | Thoughtful Gifts

This year we’ve felt really ready for Christmas. We’re half way through our Christmas present list and sometimes it can be hard to think thoughtfully about presents when you’re in a rush and feel like you have so many to buy.

With this in mind we thought we’d introduce The Wisehouse; an indie shop selling goods balancing eco credentials with style. We’ve been following them for some time on Instagram and love their gentle championing of products which help you to make greater steps in reducing your footprint when you buy.

‘The Wise House was driven by a desire to find products that weren’t mass produced and that had their own story and integrity’.

Living with less waste is definitely something we look to do increasingly now we have children in a world where we can feel swamped under belongings and stuff. Here’s a lowdown on 3 gift ideas we think might work well if you’re feeling the same this year:


Washable cotton bowl covers illustrated by The Edgy Moose

1. Practical, pretty and easy to store gifts

We’re planning to give smaller but more thoughtful gifts this year which can be enjoyed and don’t add to that unhealthy cycle. One idea is festive homemade healthy snacks as presents and we love these beautifully illustrated washable cotton food covers which will fit over bowls to protect the food but also act as a gift which can be used again and again.


The elasticated edges make them quick to pull on and off the bowls

2. Make the everyday a little more special

This is where we wish there was smell-o-vision as the beeswax smell is heavenly. For those of us sitting in offices for lunch or with kids who devour sandwiches at every picnic this reusable and washable food wrap for sandwiches makes complete sense. You just wrap and tie it around your sandwich and use the cloth as a placemat whilst you eat. It’s made from cloth, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil and let’s face it – makes your food look like a tiny present in a pretty honeycomb design! You can handwash the wrap in cool water with soap and hang to dry, fold and store and are able to reuse it for up to 1 year. That’s a whole lot less tin foil and cling film in the bin too…


Making up a sandwich and wrapping it makes it feel like a present!

3. Usable gifts which won’t add to the feeling of clutter at home

There’s something nice about giving usable gifts as we all look around our homes in January and give a silent cry. This applies to the last product I wanted to share – Gin & Tonic soap! Made in the UK with organic ingredients and chemical free it mixes citric tones with juniper to give your senses a hit very similar to that of G&T. It’s 100% Vegetarian and Vegan too.

IMG_9615So that’s the list. Which would you love to most receive? As a little help with the shopping this year you can claim 10% off your shopping with The Wisehouse quoting code: WISEXMAS10. Let us know if you do! x

Disclaimer: Some products were sent for the purposes of review but this was alongside an order of items we placed with The Wisehouse anyway. If you want to be kept in the loop you can follow them on Instagram here. 

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