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WildFire Teepees | Monochrome Adventures…

It’s hard sometimes thinking about gifts for children. As adults we don’t want the plastic and noise but we want something which will capture their imagination and be exciting enough to facilitate playing for hours and years. It’s a tricky balance.

We struck gold when we came across the idea of a teepee. It’s easy to foldaway but great to quickly pop out for the latest pirate / dinosaur / mums and babies play afternoon.


As Lindsay, the founder of Wildfire Teepees (as seen in the photo above with her children), states on her website: ‘Inspired by the need to find kids toys that looked great and that we didn’t mind sharing our home with, I made my son a teepee for his 1st birthday and the rest is history’…  These teepees come in a variety of designs, are 100% cotton and have a diameter of about 120cms so can get quite a few children in them happily!


The monochrome pattern is also a fun, energising addition to the space and it’s great to have something so large that can be packed away within a minute. We’ve just had our third child and so this soft base pad is perfect to use as a playmat too and its fully reversible (stripes on one side, crosses the other) so it feels like a great multi-purpose toy for all our children. The best way you can stimulate babies vision is using black and white stripes or contrasting colours so this literally ticks all the boxes!


For a shot of kids lifestyle and patterns in your life follow Wildfire Teepees on Instagram or get some fun craft and home inspiration by following them on Twitter.



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  1. I really fancy one of these!

    Liked by 1 person

    July 25, 2017
  2. They’re great in that you can fold them away so easily to store. All toys should have flatpack-ability 😉 x


    July 25, 2017

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