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To the Moon & Back | Koko Kids



Decorating a childs room can be really difficult as they’re well, growing! You don’t want to make anything too permanent, knowing in the back of your mind, that their tastes and interests are changing all the time…




Our son recently turned 5 and it was time he had his own space (mainly so he could live alongside his enormous lego collection) so as part of our house build we turned our small kitchen (which was being relocated to the back of the house) into his own bedroom. Ripping out the kitchen, relocating the plumbing, the gas mains, the electrics etc was messy work but after plastering and painting we were left with a white box.

Eager to install some character and interest into the room we used accents of bold colours such as Mister David and Deep Space Blue from Little Greene. In our minds we had a theme of planets and space and this idea was fully embraced when we came across these moveable Moon & Stars fabric wall stickers from Koko Kids.


The fabric wall stickers arrive in a tube so are fully protected which is great

If you haven’t heard of Brighton-based Koko Kids then we’d recommend taking a look at their website. Shortlisted for a Smallish Design Award this year their work is a fantastic combination of fun, imagination and quality. Their stylish designs are for kids but they use vintage or graphical elements which means parents can appreciate the designs too and they have more longevity as the children grow.

For the Moon & Stars sticker it comes in two options: one with white stars for dark walls (the one featured here) or grey stars for white walls.


To apply you just peel a little of the moon off the backing paper, apply to the wall and then stick to the wall as you pull the backing paper away. Incredibly easy for 2 people to ensure a smooth finish but we’re confident you could do this solo too!

We didn’t time it but it took approximately a minute to get the moon onto the wall as it peeled off the backing paper. The moon is quite large which we loved, 55cm in diameter, and comes with 230 little stars in various sizes to surround as you wish. These do take a little longer! You of course don’t have to use them all but we got a little carried away loving how they popped against the Little Greene Deep Space Blue colour and so every star was used very quickly.

The wall sticker arrives on one large square piece of paper meaning its not fiddly to do. The quality of the stickers mean they peel off quickly and they are cut accurately meaning they come straight off without any corners sticking to the backing paper. It was a super easy and satisfying little project!


How the wall sticker arrives

The stickers can be repositioned and reused as many times as you like so if you’re renting or just wanting to keep your options open then these are great as they’re easy to remove and leave no sticky residue like cheap wall stickers can. They do however leave a massive impact! It immediately changed the feeling of the room!


We have a cardboard space shuttle model which sits perfectly against the backdrop to add a 3D element to the scene!

The stickers are free from PVC, Vinyl, Phthalates and BPA meaning they don’t have that horrible smell that cheap decals can and they are perfectly safe for a child’s space. The fabric adhesive is non-toxic and biodegradable too so it’s a great quality option for adding personality to a space – whether that be polka dots, floral or pop art! Take a look and currently all orders have 25% off and free UK delivery with the code: BAUBLE.

Lastly we’d also really recommend the blog Koko Kids have which shares creative ideas around balloons, hanging decorations, window coverings, floor finishes etc. If you’re thinking about renovating or styling a playroom or bedroom then we’d recommend checking it out here for inspiration.

Have fun and we’d love to see your projects for injecting personality into a blank canvas!

For transparency we were sent this wall sticker to try out for ourselves and photograph for this feature. 



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  1. Vivienne Light #

    The Moon and stars are amazing – quite magical – a very lucky boy!



    December 14, 2016

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