Christmas Countdown | The Busiest Time of Year with Busy B Lifestyle



If you’re like us then this is the time of year your diary starts to explode and you keep getting far flung dates for 2017 which you can’t grasp yet as you haven’t got your new diary…



If that’s the case then we would recommend buying the Busy B Family Diary. It’s got space for five schedules plus useful birthday reminders, planners and two handy pockets for loose paper like birthday / wedding invitations which you don’t want to lose.

As you may have seen from our renovations we’re fans of the colour grey so it made sense to carry this forward with our diary but we love the pop of debossed gold foil text on the front (reminding us of which year we are in which can be surprisingly useful on those exhausting days!) and the decorative playful patterns and typography on the inside.


Our favourite features include the slot on the inside back cover for mini sticky notes and the tear off section at the back giving you multiple lists with perforated edges which you can take out shopping – simple but they make total sense. It’s a diary which has thought about who you are and how you need to use it.


And for all those who use their iPhone to schedule their lives, you’re missing out, the tactile smooth leather front cover, the decorative pages and space for all the reality in your life – pens, sticky notes, invitations…. it’s what puts the fun into planning!


To get your very own Busy B diary you can shop it here now.

For transparency we were sent a Busy B diary to photograph to share as part of our Christmas countdown posts. We do genuinely love Busy B products though for their clever functionality and reasonable prices. 

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