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Silatha | 4 Tips For A Mindful Day

So the John Lewis Christmas Advert is on TV and the countdown is already on with just five Sundays to go. I’ve been reliably informed that all the weekend dates to see Father Christmas have already been snapped up at our local garden centre… this is the time of the year that can start to leave us feeling rather frazzled and time-poor when in actual fact it’s such a special time of year for friends and family and finally.

How can we frame our mind to keep that in perspective?


We’ve recently been working with the founder of Silatha; a company dedicated to enabling people to integrate mindfulness into your day. The founder Veroniek, who is passionate about mindfulness shared 4 tips for working mindfulness into your day without dedicating ANY time to it. Sounds unlikely right? Yet most of these wouldn’t require much of a tweak in your daily routine and you can bin the usual excuse of ‘I’d love to but I don’t have the time’…

  • Next time you’re sat waiting in line at the Supermarket, traffic light or for a lift (which seems to be stopping at every level but yours) embrace the moment. Don’t check your phone, get impatient and agitated or start going through your to-do list mentally. Use this time to simply follow your breath, embrace the moment to focus on your breath moving in and out of your body, slowly. Those few moments will help you feel more aligned and in control of what’s next in your day.
  • Living in the now is something most of us are pretty terrible at. We’re beating ourselves up about yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. To avoid living in a constantly anxious state put a daily reminder on your calendar or phone to remind you at least once a day to just be in the present moment. Even if it only lasts as long as a cup of herbal tea!
  • When walking slow down a bit and focus on every step you make. Meditation is sharpening the ability to concentrate the mind on an intended focus and nothing else. Think of the focus you have when you’re searching for someone in a crowd. Observe every detail and feeling of your legs and feet when you’re working or observe yourself whilst your preparing food for dinner or cleaning the house. When any task is done mindfully these activities can become a form of meditation and you will feel calmer at the end of each day.
  • While eating meals we often only really taste the first two bites. Create a meal and take a moment to be quiet and really concentrate on eating. Challenge yourself to pick out the flavours and eat slowly. You’ll be surprised how your taste buds respond and how much more nourished you feel.

Silatha jewellery is designed in New York and made in Germany. These pendants have been created to act as a companion for the time you take out of your day to concentrate on you. A gem is chosen and encased in the jewellery to remind you of your intention – to let go, to have courage… whatever it is you want to grow and this jewellery acts as a tactile and visual reminder throughout the day when life gets hectic.


When you buy the jewellery you get access to a 21-day App which asks you to spend 15-20 minutes on yourself letting mindfulness in. You can repeat it as much as you want… happiness is a lifelong journey but you’ve got to start somewhere to get there in the end. It’s a powerful lesson and its worth being reminded of.

We hope you’ll try some of these tips today and would love to hear how it affected you! Support Silatha with their Kickstarter here (just 7 days to go at 89% funded) or read about the Silatha Story in full here.

Have a wonderful week friends!




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