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Hatch | Life In Vivid Colour


HATCH was born out of the desire to create a range of simple, modern and design-led cards. The designs immediately stood out to us for the variety within the range and the playfulness of the designs from a ‘G&T Token’ birthday card (we could envisage sending this out to a number of friends!) to bold and colourful abstract stripes and circles.


The man behind this recently launched brand (July 2016) is Mark McConnel; an illustrator and designer based in bonnie Scotland. Having created collections for high-street brands and online retailers, Mark felt compelled to create his own unique range of cards and as you would hope – the cards are all designed and printed here in the UK.


So Mark the collection is broken down into subsections entitled Cut, Texture, Type, Token and Shape.  What is it about these techniques which led you to base a collection around them? 

Each of the processes are techniques and styles which I love and each process lends itself to bold, simple design which was key to developing the collections and brand style. 

The bold ‘Shape’ collection was to push the boundaries when it came to simplicity with some of the cards simply featuring a coloured shape. The ‘Texture’ collection explored mono printing and got me back to my print making roots in its simplest form. I love the unexpected marks and lack of control you have over the process. 

‘Cut’ was inspired by the incredible Matisse ‘cut outs’ exhibition I visited at the Tate Modern when researching for my brand. I wanted to create a purely typographic range that had an element of fun about it and the ‘Type’ collection was developed through playing with layers and colours. Finally I have always loved old tickets and mid-century graphic design. The practicality of old war ration books and the colours and type of vintage tokens inspired my ‘Token’ collection.  


Your colours are startling bright and bold which makes your designs feel fresh and enticing. What inspirations do you draw from using colour in such a way? 

I think the word ‘fresh’ when it comes to my colour choices is really important and something I love. Colour is something that comes naturally to my designs. I have tried to balance the super bold brights with slightly more muted tones in my ‘Texture’ range for example. Giving variety and a different feel to the collections allows people to purpose the cards as they need to. 


Who are your design heroes and why? 

This changes all the time depending what I am into at the time! I love all areas of design from print and pattern to interiors and garden design. Some of my favourites at the moment would be Louise Lockhart (The Printed Peanut) who designs and sells her own range of products. I love the boldness and originality of Lee Brooms and the product and interior design of The Rich Brothers from the world of garden design who inspire me when it comes to soft tones and natural colour palettes.  

As your creative brand is just starting out on its adventure what do you hope for your brand and what can we expect in 2017?

Hopefully 2017 sees me launch at least one new collection and expand on those that are doing well. I hope to do my first trade show and possibly develop a wall print collection. I want to keep things paper based so fingers crossed the brand develops and grows into something exciting!

Follow the colourful fresh antics of HATCH on Twitter & Instagram and enjoy the journey. We have no doubt this British brand will do great things in 2017! 

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