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Desks for small spaces | 5 of the best

I’ve admired ecomodernstudios for a while now – Hilary features some of the most gorgeous designs and I feel like every time I read one of her posts I’ve fallen in love with yet another beautiful piece. So collating a list of the desks with the biggest wow factor I could find to feature on her blog was an absolute pleasure.

Like many of you, I often work from home, which in a small home has some real challenges. I’ve featured some cool little small space office solutions before on my blog Small Space People but none are as design-led and instantly covetable as these!

I hope you enjoy them. I’ve got my eye on all of these, so next time I’m revamping my home office I’ll definitely be returning to this list…

Rewrite desk by GamFratesi

So this mid-century cool little number is perfect for those of you that have nothing more than a corner to dedicate to your mini-office, and yet need somewhere that you can completely focus on the job in hand. Its cocoon-like bubble would be perfect for those times when you really need to get your head down, yet it’s small and minimal enough not to take over a space.

Lots of great features make this a surprising yet amazingly functional and beautiful desk: the walls of the ‘bubble’ are acoustically protected on both sides to give a shielding from sounds both inside and out; there’s a white cable box mounted underneath the main desk to keep your wires tidy; and it’s covered with textile to enhance its welcoming look.


Image from Dezeen

Deskbox by Raw Edges/Arco

Here’s a super sleek desk if there ever was one! I love this for small spaces for so many reasons: it’s wall mounted, so no legs to clutter up the space, it’s foldaway which means you can hide your desk clutter and things you’ve been working on easily, and it’s a beautiful minimal design which would work in a variety of settings.

The Hackney design duo and Dutch manufacturer released this in Milan’s Salon Internazionale del Mobile in 2012, and its solid oak and epoxy steel construction is bound to make it really durable and strong. The hinge mechanism folds down easily for working and folds back up to form a shelf when the desk isn’t in use.

I naturally love this because it’s been designed just around the corner from me in North London, but it’s an absolutely beautiful yet practical idea for working at home with hardly any space.


Image from Arco

COM:POS:ITION 0.9 (from Gentle Objects by Martin Mestmacher)

Launched in 2014, this is a bolder, almost Mondrian-esque line of black steel-framed designs, including this bureau style offering. Featuring a small desk with a pull out drawer and a high mounted cabinet, it’d be a really striking look for a monochrome room.

The range comprises so many different combinations for wall storage and function. The frame is black powder-coated steel, with black stained oak and stainless steel for the fixings.

Of the Gentle Objects title, Martin Mestmacher says gentle is ‘a synonym for eternalness and silence’ (perfect for working on your latest project!) and objects stands for ‘an expression of the variety of our spectrum which we can offer you.’ A vast combination of designs to fit your space with a timeless look sounds good to me!

Stockholm range by Mario Ruiz

Here’s another neat little wall-mounted number (can you tell I’m in love with these?!). Combining wood and coloured aluminium effortlessly, this range features a lot of very beautiful pieces for your home, including sideboards, chests, media units and this gorgeous little desk.

With potentially endless colour combinations with 7 different wood finishes and 3 different colours for the anodised aluminium top, this is something you could really match to your home, or equally make a statement with some bold colourways.

Regarding himself as a designer who ‘says a lot with very little’, Mario Ruiz works in Barcelona. The Stockholm range won the 2015 Red Dot Design Award.


Image from Design Milk

Royal System® by Poul Cadovius

If you’re looking for a minimal option which incorporates shelving and cabinet options then look no further.

This piece is steeped in history. Way back in 1948, Cadovius designed the first wall-mounted shelving system with many different combinations – shelves, drawers, cabinets, even a bureau style pull out desk. Back in the 50s and 60s it was on everyone’s wish list. It was extremely forward thinking back in the day – furniture used to take up valuable floor space, so Cadovius injected some Danish innovation to the furniture market – the range was described as ‘the largest success the Danish furniture industry has ever had’.

It’s now being made by DK3. It’s available in walnut or oak finishes with stainless steel or brass hangers, and it’s beautiful. The gentle curve of the metal with the lines of the wood make this a classic option.

Royal system 2

Image from DK3

Thanks for taking over the blog with this article Lizzie! It’s been wonderful to work with a fellow blogger so passionate about design and interiors. You can read the ecomodernstudios article on 2 Willow Road on the Small Space People blog so head over there to take a look! 

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Busy B | Form & Function

We’re lucky to have a brilliant local shop which picks the very best British kitchenware, stationery and book selections on the market. When we were last there we picked up a few goodies from the Busy B range which we’d been eyeing up for a while as we had a spate of mini-breaks and holidays coming up.

We’re often the people you see emptying everything out of their suitcases, patting themselves down looking for that missing ticket / passport / money with the flushed look of panic on their faces so we resolved to do better this year. Having a dedicated travel wallet for passports, secure pouches for holiday bags and a hard-working small purse are all invaluable for making travelling that bit more relaxed!

IMG_9508 (1)

This ‘Pretty Little Pouch’ has hidden zips and pouches to maximise it’s use

Intrigued by this Busy B brand which seems to keep organisation at its core (albeit under a deeply pretty facade) we were lucky enough to have a chat with the Managing Director Kerri Middleton this month. So if you’re a fellow stationery addict then grab a cuppa and read about what makes this British brand tick.

Kerri, why do you think this love affair with stationery is still so strong in this digital age where we can have a calendar on our phone and can be connected instantly via text or email? 

I think stationery is about so much more than keeping organised nowadays. With all the different brands, styles and quirky planners not only on the highstreet but online too, there’s something to appeal to everyone. Stationery is more emotional than digital, and notebooks and diaries are much more intimate and personal. The lust for beautiful stationery lives on.

FullSizeRender 30

We went to France recently (more to come on that soon) and the above spread REALLY helped us get organised. Leaflets and important paper stored flat in the spotty expanding file, a travel wallet for passports, money and health cards, the little doggy page markers for our holiday reading and guide books… last but not least the really beautiful mini-purse which has a handy front pocket for tickets. We’ve been back from holiday for a month now and this purse has replaced the monolith Ted Baker purse for good. All the materials Busy B use are ethically sourced right back to the paper mill they come from and the pouches and purses are made from faux leather so they’re vegan-friendly too.

Busy B

The pouch and purse arrive in beautiful coloured gift boxes. These have a paper sleeve for information about the product which can easily be removed leaving you with beautiful gift boxes which you can repurpose or use for storage.

In your Busy B collection your designs are very colourful with pretty florals, bunting, dots and animals. How do you decide which new designs to add? 

Our designs have to stand out and be very much on-brand, in terms of the Busy B style which gives us our brand identity so market research and trend analysis helps with this. Our USP is to be beautifully organised, so as well as ensuring our designs are beautiful and pretty, our products must have clever features and formats for all the Busy B’s out there. We put a lot of research and design energy into making sure our products are genuinely useful for busy women e.g. the pockets in our family calendar make it easy to find appointment cards, invites or bills just when you need them. 

IMG_0404So forget form over function and have it both. You can also save 15% on your first order with code BB15. Visit the Busy B website or visit them on social media: Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

For transparency we bought a number of Busy B items from our local shop and Busy B sent us a few more items for us to try out and photograph as part of this interview.