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Vipp Clips: Organise your paper mountain!

Within our modest home there is deep passion developing. Our four year old has always been a fan of drawing but this love has intensified into something whereby the sentence he utters the most is ‘mummy can I have some paper?’. Of course, in an age where we all worry about the impact of too much screen time and virtual living this is a reassuring statement!

The challenge is the expectation of our 4&2 year olds that every masterwork should surely be pinned to the wall on completion. Whilst this works in our current kitchen (which will shortly be ripped out) it’s not necessarily the wallpapered look we want for the new minimalist kitchen! So what to do?

The answer is a company called Vipp (who’ve we’ve followed since they created the ultimate product surely; a Vipp shelter. There’s a fascinating film here). There’s something impressive about a company being able to apply its design ethos into a fully-furnished pod for living. It reminds us of the ethos of those greats Charles and Ray Eames, Charles Eames said ‘eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is key to quality per se’. 

Quality is at the heart of Vipp who state that their ‘driving ambition is to bring functional principles found in the professional market into the private home with genuine, industrial design objects’. Their practical product range includes bins, taps, shelves, dispensers and hooks and whilst these objects might not seem exciting in themselves there is something thrilling about creating well-designed functionality in the home which enables you to retain (some!) stylish design aesthetic amongst the chaos of daily life…

With this in mind the Vipp Clips are a brilliant practical solution. The sturdy 6×6 cm clips are made of solid powder-coated aluminium so they look great and have a satisfying heaviness to them too. Your pack arrives with the options for a wall-hung or magnet based system too.

FullSizeRender 8

The Vipp Clip pack

The strong leaf-spring clips hold papers in a firm grip so their use is every bit as applicable for home offices, creative work and professional presentations. Their industrial look and weight means they’re not going to just disappear into the black hole of ‘stuff’ either. For us the ingenuity is in the fact Vipp have thought about the facons in which you might need to use a clip and provided those extras to make it a multi-functional product which can be applied as your requirements change.

For example, these clips can be as stand-alone clips to close off food packages, or gather paper together on the desk…

FullSizeRender 11

Very handy for busy desks

As wall-hung clips which hang using either the wall-hung fixings provided in the box or by the magnetic spot at the back of them.

FullSizeRender 9

Or even to hold open pages of books (you know those annoying ones which won’t stay open themselves) for when you’re working which is very practical when researching.

Our kitchen is still in the ‘first fix’ stage but we’re looking forward to installing the clips onto the side of our tall kitchen cabinet when it’s ready (watch this space). The photo on the right is actually the clip on plasterboard where the magnet was strong enough to clip securely to a screw! We were impressed.

To buy a set of clips head to the Vipp online store and if you’re into beautiful interiors and quirky product flatlays then look them up on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

Please note this post was written in collaboration with Vipp but all thoughts and photographs (except for the gorgeous cabin) our own! 


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