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Glazing Vision: Connect with the great outdoors


We’ve got the the build dry! This is of huge excitement as you can imagine after months of muddiness, cementing, block laying and timber framing etc (see history here).



The flat roof went on over two days (we went for a single ply membrane roof with a 20 year guarantee) and the pièce de résistance was a 2m x 1m Flushglaze fixed rooflight.


The Flushglaze roof light (Photo: Glazing Vision)

The minimal framing maximises daylight coming in and the clean aesthetic belies the skilled imaginative engineering that’s gone into it (like all great modernist design). We were genuinely surprised at how simple it was to fit into our self-build project so below is a step-by-step run through the process including a 30 sec stop-motion film of the fitting.

Glazing Vision are UK manufacturers with a 65,000 sq ft factory in the heart of rural England. Working closely with leading architectural practices around the world, low E heat-soak tested thermally efficient glazing is supplied as standard, and bespoke glass specifications can be provided creating light wells for the trickiest of roof shapes including walk-on glass roofs! Our aspirations were a little more simplistic than that but we’re amazed at their versatility.

Step 1: The Flushglaze unit is delivered with minimal packaging and we could lift the frame between 2 people. A separate compact box of fittings is provided with instructions with handy imagery to help you install it. The pack comprises of:

  • Plastic horseshoe packers of varying sizes
  • Button head woodscrews
  • Polymathylene backing rod (the big curls)
  • Aluminium joining plates (these are the trims – not shown in the below photo)

FullSizeRender 6

Step 2: You need to get the frame onto the roof. It depends on the roof you have as to the method you’ll undertake but a Genie which you can rent is a good idea. We were lucky enough to have brute strength and a wide flat roof which enabled us to get it up there manually between 4 people.

Step 3: Dryfit. This is where you’re hoping your measurements were correct! We lifted the Flushglaze unit on and off (called a dryfit) to check it fitted snugly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 18.13.09

Step 4: Now you know it fits in place, prop it back up and fix two runs of butyl tape as supplied in the pack around the base of the Flushglaze.


Propping the unit up and running tape around the edges took a few minutes

Step 5: Refit the unit and press down into position:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 18.09.39

It’s a case of ensuring the unit is sitting straight and then firmly pressing down around it

Step 6: Use the spacers and drill the holes on the side. Fix the Flushglaze to the kerb using woodscrews and horseshoe packers as provided in the pack.


Using the spacers to ensure a tight fit

Step 7: Once fixings have been secured all the way around clip on the trims back around the base perimeter and Voilà!


The unit is now weathertight

The unit itself is a real thing of beauty with crisp minimalist lines which have a pleasing simplicity and sharpness and it appears frameless from underneath. When its in place you can’t tell there is any glass there at all which connects you to the sky, birds and clouds above. There are no bulky capping systems to trap dirt and it looks as beautiful from above as it does below. It almost feels a bit of a shame that no one’s going to see it on our flat roof! As much as the beautiful skies are welcome even the grey drizzly days provide opportunities to admire the rain droplets pooling on the glass which are hypnotic in themselves.

We’ve uploaded a little stop-motion film to YouTube where you can watch our installation process here. We’ll update you with a new post when we’ve got it all plastered in the finished room so watch this space!

The Flushglaze® Fixed Rooflight range is available in three standard options, Flushglaze, Flushglaze Wall Abutted and Flushglaze Circular. The best way to find out what will work for your project is to follow Glazing Vision on Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest where they share lots of the beautiful architectural projects they’ve been involved in for inspiration.

We received a discount on this product but this was our preferred supplier and all thoughts and photographs are our own. We genuinely love the quality of this British company and would recommend them! 

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  1. Very awesome guide. Thanks a lot to this article. I really like it.

    Liked by 1 person

    April 18, 2016
    • Thanks – that’s very kind! We’re really pleased with the simplicity to install and look of the rooflight. In the next month we’ll post pictures from the finished inside so watch this space!


      April 18, 2016

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