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A New Year and a fresh outlook!

2015 was a ‘head down’ sort of year with the planning and build beginning and a big checklist of things to get done. 2016 will (hopefully) see us complete the build (which is currently windowless and wet) and enable us play with the interiors (on a limited budget) shaping them into what we hope will be a colourful, family-friendly and fun space to share with the kids. It’s exciting and daunting all at once but we’ll enjoy sharing the journey.

Yipee! It's 2016 (1) copyA New Year inevitably brings new resolutions but whatever you’re up to in 2016 make sure you’re kind to yourself. This year the Danish concept of hygge, (a kind of cosiness and contentment said to make homes nicer and people happier) was endlessly explored by the news and blogs, including this nice article by the BBC which explored if it was exportable(!). The term doesn’t seem to have a direct translation in English which perhaps indicates we should work a little harder to create our own definition of it in 2016… it’s certainly a goal for our home but it’s tricky to create from scratch because it’s creating soul, a hub and a connection that transcends belongings or paint charts. Watch this space!…

Happy New Year!

love, ecomodernstudios x



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