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Design Christmas Wishlist #2

Imagine this year sending someone a living Christmas tree which can be posted through their letterbox – sounds mad?


Enter London-based Bloom & Wild. They seem to have encapsulated Christmas-in-a-box where you have all the materials you need to create you own festive cheer in the smallest of spaces!

Bloom & Wild send these 40cm tall trees complete with mini coppery baubles,  a gold-tipped star and moss blanket. The tree even has its own pop-up waterproofed material pot and this is sent in the most slimline of boxes which will fit through your letterbox. Impressive to say the least.

They also have a really lovely blog featuring styling suggestions, How-to makes, creativity and competitions so worth connecting with on social media if you’re in to that sort of thing. Here’s how I styled mine with a little help from Meri Meri glitter…

So if this speaks to you then you can buy a surprise festive cheer for someone for £25 from Bloom & Wild (and if you Instagram then share your #treestyle too!).

FullSizeRender 6

And if they’ve already got their tree sorted then Bloom & Wild also provide ‘Flower Bundles‘ where you can send 3 months of flowers for £50. Once a month seasonal fresh flowers are delivered straight to your door (or a door of a loved one) – A pretty magical start to 2016! And definitely a present for someone you love who just doesn’t want more ‘stuff’… those already thinking ahead to the inevitable Spring clean! Argh!

Enjoy the festivities –



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