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A couple of hours in St. Ives

Hello Friday!

We recently visited St. Ives. We only had a few hours but it was enough to soak up the bustling atmosphere, colours and sea air.

Our first stop was the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture garden. You enter via a small side door off a steep back street and are immediately welcomed into a small room displaying artefacts from her life. As you climb the stairs you are greeted with a double-height space, light and smaller works of hers. This was part of her home and studio and its magical to be in a space she inhabited.


From the upstairs you lead out into a small garden but it’s impact is immediate. A jungle of towering coastal foliage makes it feel like a secret garden where sculptures jostle through the greenery for your attention.


Hepworth was obviously a lover of organic form and you feel this from the sculptures and ornaments right down to the choice of planting. We vowed to go back in blue sky season to experience this wonderful space all over again.

After this incredible ‘welcome’ to St. Ives we walked down into town to visit The Hub, a cafe designed by interior architect Kathryn Tyler. On the way we peeked into the the beautiful display window of Plumbline – a gallery which was sadly closed but had beautiful displays, nipped into a Terry Frost exhibition and spotted homes which had been added to in all sorts of incredulous ways alongside new builds springing up in tight plots – all with the common theme of maximising the view! (see below). We walked along the front and straight into The Hub which was bright, warm and friendly – the staff were great and it was a cosy place to sit and admire the view with clever lighting and comfy nooks. And what a view overlooking the lifeboat and bay (including a friendly seal who was bobbing and playing just outside the cafe, much to the utter joy of nearby children and adults). So if you have a few hours then do go to St. Ives, don’t think ‘I’ll go when I have more time’, as this is a place you can come back and back and back to….. and we will.

St. Ives

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