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Adding Personality With Wire: Nicolette Dawn

We came across Nicolette Dawn during #handmadehour and oddly enough live more or less down the road from each other in Dorset! Nicolette has always been interested in wildlife and animals, even from an early age, and nowadays her one-off designs evolve through the medium of wire. If you’ve got five minutes and a nice brew infront of you then take 5 to discover this talented lady.


Do you feel that each creation has its own personality? 

Yes, I love the way that each of my sculptures evolves with its own character and personality. Because of the way the wire works, each one is unique and the end result isnt always easy to predict! I also like the fact that even with such a rigid medium i can create a sense of movement.

Is working with wire challenging?

Firstly there’s the obvious health and safety issues! Wearing gloves is definitely recommended but does restrict your ability to feel what you’re doing so I quite often look like I’ve been fighting with a cat! It’s also quite easy to crumple or squash what you’re working on, so it’s important to build up layers, overlaying the wire in different directions (it does have a ‘grain’). Whilst I’d love to be able to work with more recycled wire, it’s difficult to source and is often very damaged but having said that, it’s nicer to work with and has more ‘body’ then flimsy new wire!


Is there an animal you’d love to make?

I always have new ideas and projects bubbling. I feel that i’m still learning as i’ve only been doing this for just a couple of years so theres a lot i’ve yet to tackle but I do fancy making a fat little Shetland Pony sometime soon!

It seems an unusual medium so have you come across other artists working with wire?

Yes, other artists are also working with wire to create life-sized and over-sized animals and figures. However the wire is often used differently depending on the artist; some make a more solid structure and others leave theirs unpainted!

If you want to keep up to speed with Nicolette’s latest creations then follow her on Twitter (@NicoletteDawn1) where hand-created animals made in Dorset from penguins to swans will ping up unexpectedly on your feed. Enjoy!

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