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Quai 36 at Gare Du Nord Paris | Graffiti

Having featured the work of graffiti artists Jana & Js on the blog before and knowing they have their work on walls throughout Europe we always like to keep tabs on their latest projects. Their work looks at the interactions between people and the city and is strongly inspired by photography.

Jana & Js were kind enough to explain their involvement in Quai 36 at the Gare du Nord in Paris. The Collective Quai 36 was born in 2013 when a group of people passionate about urban art decided to set up a project with the aim of enhancing public spaces. The group named themselves after a particular platform (Quai) in Gare Du Nord as it was the mainline to the northern suburbs, where many of them live. Gare du Nord has over 700,000 commuters every day (which includes many members of this collective) so it was the perfect location for an impressive public exhibition. As we were in Paris for the weekend we popped over to take a look.

16 French and international street artists produced murals, stencils and wheat pastings on the theme ‘Faces of the Station’ to trigger unexpected encounters and emotions. Many of these can be found on Quai 36 and we’ve included some photos of a few of them for you to enjoy below!

Jana & Js

Artist: Jana & JS


Artist: Levalet

Dancing in Colour

Artist: Douronne


Artist: Koralie

Artist: Jérôme Mesnager

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