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Famille Summerbelle | Creativity, family and life

Paris is definitely our home from home and the idea of devising a creative enterprise that syncs neatly into family life whilst bringing bright, colourful and original design to the fore is exciting.

This is a little post about a company doing exactly that.

Famille Summberbelle was created in 2008 by Anglo/French duo Simon Summerscales and Julie Marabelle as they started their own family. They wanted to remake their home into a family one creating a style (and lifestyle) both stylish and fun for their children.


Julie’s background in Fine Art and Theatre Design and Simon’s in advertising meant they drew on their skills, and this time in their life with young children, to form a company as a family. Their product development is inspired from their experiences as a family – day-to-day life, travels and most evidently, their love of colour and design. All of their products are made from paper and/or sustainable materials sourced locally to production. As they state ‘We care about who makes our products and where they are made. We are also keen that we do not contribute to the world’s excessive waster – we’d like to grow in a sustainable way’. 

This honest and organic approach to earning a living is inspiring. 7 years on and the company is still family-run despite it’s growth and successes. Time is spent in the UK, France and most recently the Netherlands where the design studio has been since 2013. Their products can be bought everywhere in the world and are often featured in style magazines such as Elle Decoration, Living Etc and online design sources such as Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy. We came across them on the beautiful Bodie & Fou shop where our interest was piqued!

Essentially this is a company which celebrates the homelife and puts it pride of place. This is very evident when you follow their ‘le blog’ which is jam-packed with posts on ‘colours that make me happy’, studio snippets, children’s drawings, design shows, sketches, personal photos (think baby bumps & Christmas trees!), handmade family creative projects and pattern inspiration.

L-R: Jonas Wood plant studies, deep blue Love Bugs paper cutting, Marisa Hopkins pattern and work-in-progress map sketches of Amsterdam. All images from Le Blog

L-R: Jonas Wood plant studies, deep blue Love Bugs paper cutting, Marisa Hopkins pattern and work-in-progress map sketches of Amsterdam. All images from Le Blog

We’d urge you to watch some of their films on YouTube. Especially this one which shows more than 20 hours of meticulous paper-cutting squashed into little more than 2 minutes of film. It shows the skill and dedication of their designs and that of making a family-centered business really work.

Do follow Famille Summerbelle on InstagramFacebook, Twitter and Pinterest or check out their shop here. If you follow them today you’ll see that they’ve baby number 3 joined them 13 hours ago! Welcome to the world little Téo!

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