Design Trip | Brighton

Happenstance had it that our favourite band Lamb were playing in Brighton on our wedding anniversary. Brighton has been on our wishlist for discovering independent UK design so bags hastily packed & we were off!

Lamb Brighton

After a brilliant gig and loose change spent at the pier arcade we had the next day to explore.

If you have 24 hours in Brighton and want interiors inspiration with design that doesn’t take itself too seriously then we recommend the following:

Unlimited: we walked past this shop at night when it was closed and literally ogled it from the outside. It was our first pitstop in the morning and it didn’t disappoint! Sara in there was so friendly and we fell in love with a chalky oversized aluminium pendant light immediately (it’s been added to our kitchen wishlist!). Sara told us about Streethub which is a (dangerous) free app for seeking independent design boutiques when out and about – definitely one to add. She said her ethos was in affordable and beautiful design and she’s certainly nailed it! We walked away with this abstract geometric giclée print by Kitty McCall and a copper frame for it is next on the list…
Kitty McCall print
Heals; five floors of design which doesn’t disappoint! The lighting on the top floor was a highlight and well worth the climb.
Edited; such a friendly guy working there and a quirky building with several floors to explore full of experimental graphic design. Our most favourite were these shades by Studio Snowpuppe which are both delicate and bold! Pendant fittings and bulbs aplenty this is one to return to when we’re at that point in our build.
Dowse; our source of geometric necklaces! A selection of jewellery and prints by Dowse also accompanied The Design Museum’s exhibition on architect Louis Khan so you can pick them up there too. They have a cracking shop design using peg boards, perspex dowels and thin plywood boxes painted punchy colours on the inside. It’s in Hove so a walk out from the centre but there are plenty of interesting shops and restaurants to explore there too.
croquette monsieur
Speaking of food, bags packed we grabbed a quick lunch before jumping back in the car. As luck would have it we stumbled into a Small Batch Coffee Company café which had an airy feel and striking chunky bar stools. It was designed by Chalk Architecture who are shortlisted for 2014’s Interior Architect of the Year award and worth checking out. Two mushroom croque-monsieurs with posh lemonade later (and a slice of apple and raspberry gooey crumble for good measure) it was time to go home!

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