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Paris | Beneath The Surface

We visited Paris not long ago and had a stroll across to Parc de la Villette discovering this building en route. It appears to be a 60s concrete residential building but the shapes are beautiful and as you can see there are several of these curved and tiled walkways within a central courtyard.


The vibrant and very intricate retro tiling on the inside of the walkway:

Paris - orange

We then went to see the Eileen Gray exhibition at Centre Pompidou. Unfortunately we don’t have photographs of the exhibition but it was fascinating and it is true that ‘this exhibition has been created in the image of the artist that it honours: discreet, modest and overflowing with personal creations’ (Time Out Paris).

Gray was certainly a multi-talented designer who grew as she went from sketches to furniture design, only creating prototypes, and building houses to accommodate her creations! Geometric simplicity from the Corbusier school is evident but she is original through and through. You can catch this exhibition until the 10th May 2013.


We then took the opportunity to browse through the other modern and architectural shows at the Pompidou. So many beautiful colours and designs which we couldn’t possibly capture in just one blog.

Below is a striking model of the UK Pavilion ‘Seed Cathedral’ which was built for the Shanghai Expo in 2010 by the awe-inspiring Heatherwick Studio. The build consisted of 60,000 identical rods of clear acrylic to create the beautiful asthetic, we shouldn’t be surprised though as these were also the people behind the Olympic Cauldron for the 2012 Olympic Games.


Our last pit stop was at the fascinating new 104 Cultural Quarter for some culture, coffee and croissants. The building was once a slaughterhouse and city morgue and now plays host to a vast communal art space.

Artists of all genres compete for free studio space (dancers, ballet, wood workshops, festivals, leave-a-book-take-a-book library, exhibitions, play areas etc) and it makes for a fascinating Saturday afternoon. Open to all kind of art, this enormous architectural hub creates a space where art meets the public. It is a great place to get acquainted with the city’s contemporary art scene and even the cafe showcases the incredible skillset of those involved. A plywood city of perceived simplicity!

104 Cultural quarter

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