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A look back on our first year

2013 has been a busy year for us and thanks to everyone who has contributed to growing our online community!

This year we’ve been busy masterminding a complete modern refurbishment of a terraced 1930s city home in central Bath, a two-story extension to a substantial arts and crafts 1930s home in Dorset and consultation for a spanking new SIPS German-pre fabricated home in Dorset. We’ve also purchased a new ‘project’ for ourselves which is a 1970s bungalow devoid of any architectural merit or real beauty… this will ensure we can put our money where our mouth is and make it both eco and modern! Follow our progress on this blog and on twitter.

In other news we’re thrilled to have been ranked in the top 500 social media influencers in Architecture and the Built environment for 2013. If you don’t already follow @sustmeme then it’s a great whose-who to follow with the top ranked being @archdaily @riba @architizer @dezeen and @greenroofsuk. This year in particular we’ve enjoyed following @ollywainwright @dbrayarchi and @littletinhouse but of course if you don’t already, give us a try @ecomodernstudio.

We’ve also sought out design inspiration to share with you where possible from design trips to Copenhagen, London and Paris. We’ve had some brilliant ‘monthly musing’ contributions from talented international professionals in architecture and design too. These include Channel 4’s Laura Jane Clarke, BBC1s Gabrielle Omar, Elle Designer of the Year Donna Wilson and Berlin-based graffiti artists JanundJS.

So what’s next? In 2014 we will be sharing further international design trip experiences (Rome & Barcelona being top of the list) and of course bringing you some very exciting ‘monthly musings’. Let’s make 2014 the most creative, eco and modern one ever!

Thanks for following and supporting us!

[To avoid confusion these posts have been uploaded from a previous site so may be outdated!].

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